About LSE

Anthony O’Gorman

Tony has been in leadership positions in  power electronics industry for the past 20 years.  He has specialized in EV traction drives, 3 level inverters and controlled rectifiers for high power applications.

As a distinguished member of the technical staff at Motorola Automotive, Tony worked on electric-assist power steering as well as methods to improve the output of the standard 12V alternator for passenger cars.

Tony worked with Cummins/Onan Corp on a hybrid electric option for a 40’ bus a 7kW range extender for the GM Impact, an output regulator control to improve the voltage response for a 1MW genset, and engine speed controllers to reduce light flicker.

BSEE, University College Cork, Ireland
MSEE, PhD, University of Minnesota

Patents: Tony is named as an inventor on 23 issued patents.

Bridget O’Gorman
Director of Engineering

Bridget’s professional experience has spanned various industries, affording her a diverse background in
different aspects of power electronics. She has spent time as a test engineer in the power supply industry with Advanced Energy where she validated new designs and performed preliminary EMI and surge tests in-house and in external labs. She tested railgun power systems for General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems both in-house and with the launcher on-site, giving her considerable experience in high-energy, high-voltage systems. Following a return to the Midwest, Bridget was a platform engineer for Thermo King where she focused on improvements to the power systems components and layouts within the APU product line, both for legacy products and within new
product development. 

She holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and is earning her Master’s of Electrical Engineering from University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

Bridget enjoys mountain biking with her husband, baking, quilting, and playing with her Newfoundland

Timothy Hall
Director of Development

Tim’s professional experience includes roles in market development, embedded systems development, product road mapping and strategic business development. His industry experience covers several different markets, having held leadership positions at Global Traffic Technologies, an intelligent transportation solutions provider, GE Medical Systems, Motorola Cellular, 3M, Cummins/Onan Power Generation, and Honeywell Military Avionics.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys traveling with his wife, gardening, tutoring GED students, and spending time with family and friends.



Baloo’s pawfessional experience includes chasing squirrels and rabbits but his true specialties are drooling and rolling in snow. He is a connoisseur of marrow bones, peanut butter, and yogurt but also enjoys cheese, chicken, and blueberries. His favorite activity is wrestling with his littermate, Violet.

Baloo’s internship position is for morale improvement and he continues to demonstrate excellence in this area, providing coworkers with laughs and awwwws.


Whiskey is the newest intern at LSE. Like Baloo, his position is largely for morale improvement. However, he is very athletic and wows coworkers with his impressive jumping, chasing, and running skills. His motto is “ball is life” and demonstrates this daily with his tirelessness. Like Baloo, Whiskey enjoys chasing small animals – but his favorites are lizards and chipmunks. Whiskey constantly keeps his coworkers on their toes, as he has successfully acquired chicken and tri-tip from the company kitchen without detection.